We J-CROWN will be HUB of Japanese & Japanese companies that expand business to ASIA

We provide professional services as accounting firm to Japanese kind of company based in Thailand, Asia.

Total clients: 68 (listed companies 15)

Total deals: 86


We commit ourselves on deep understanding of the culture and language with having its roots in thailand. We build a firm network and will be a necessary hub for japanese companies expanding its business in Asia

Service Introduction - Cases

We handled this kind of problems from clients such as...

We used japanese accounting firm
but japanese staff in charge does not provide clear and enough explanation.

We do not receive monthly numbers,
do not know the current status,
we do receive it but probably there is an error.

We cannot compare with another firms
because we have used the same firm since its establishment,
but we are dissatisfied with their service for now and wanna consult.

We want the the firm to assist the reporting for HQ management division as well as explanation and consolidation.

We want to consult with someone with sufficient knowledge about Thai accounting/law/customs for the new transactions and contracts.

We want you to introduce a trusted professionals and companies or personnels related to our business.

We have stored up achievements and know-how in thailand
by catering to various needs by clients since its establishment.

One of examples of our achievements

Service industries etc:outsourcing for the overall operation of accounting and taxation
trading and service industry
Consultations about business schemes and contract content
trading and service industry
consultations about corporate law and corporate registration change practices
trading and service industry
company establishment, visa, supporting work permit application
service industry
budget planning preparation, budget and actual variance analysis
service industry
consolidation support with the HQ and supporting corporate management control structuring
service industry
negotiation for M&A deals, financial due diligence
financial, manufacturing and service industries
organizing seminars

Performance in detail

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Strength J-CROWN

3 Japanese CPA’s are permanently based in Bangkok, Thailand. We are not temporal expats but a fully-committed members all in Thailand. With our professional knowledge and expertise, we achieve to capture situations properly as well as communication with Thai staff. We Japanese handles time schedulling and achieve accountability so that we provide problem-solving solutions with our one team both Japanese and Thai.

01All Japanese staff are multiligulals in Japanese, English and Thai languages.

All Japanese staff are able to speak 3 languages in Japanese, English and Thai. We provide services as one team both Japanese and Thai with delivering firm communication with Thai staff.

02All Japanese staff are qualified
professional accountant.

All japanese staff are qualified professional accountant. (Distinct difference from other Japanese or Thai Accounting Firm in addition to its organizational strength)

03All Japanese staff possess sound understanding of Thai cultures
and commit to business in Thailand.

We are not temporal expats but comitted permanent expats, so we deeply understand Thai culture. (Distinct difference compared to BIG4 Japan desk)

Staff Introduction

Experienced Japanese CPAs will be correspondents. If you have any concerns, please contact us anytime.

Tadakazu Moriba (Managing Director, Japanese CPA)

Managing Director, Japanese CPA
Tadakazu Moriba

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Vichaien Wongsitthichaikul (Mon)

Vichaien Wongsitthichaikul (Mon)

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Duangjai Naka(Oi)

Senior Staff
Duangjai Naka(Oi)

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Company Profile

Company Name J-CROWN Co.,Ltd.
Managing Director Tadakazu Moriba
Director Tadakazu Moriba, Seiichiro Kawasaki (AZone Partners Inc. - Partner CPA for Japan contact)
Address 48/7 Soi Napha Sap 4, Khlong Tan sub-district,
Khlong Toei district, Bangkok 10110
Contact Contact Email:info@j-crown.asia
From Thailand:02-258-2170 or 091-807-9731(Japanese Desk)
From Japan:03-6447-0027
Parent Company AZone Partners Inc.
Address (Japan): 3rd floor, Akasaka Palace Building, 21-4-1 Moto Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan


48/7 Soi Napha Sap 4, Khlong Tan sub-district,
Khlong Toei district, Bangkok 10110